Company News & Events

  • Warmer temps on the way

    Finally a warm up is coming. This is good news and bads news. The bad news is that with the sudden warm weather the ice dams that are still on the roofs will cause a lot of melted water to be trapped behind. This will cause headaches for people with water coming into their living space. It will be over in a week or so but in the meantime be on the watch for water coming in. WE will be going non stop with our ice and snow removal for the next week to two weeks so call us if you want to avoid problems. We will get to you as soon as we can after your call.

  • Snow & Ice on roofs a problem

    Ice dams are becoming more of a problem as winter progresses. The cold and snow continue to produce ice dams that persist. Even as it has warmed up the past week. In fact the warm up caused more problems because the ice dams are still on the roofs and when it warms up to 40 degrees the snow melts fast. This causes a rush of water that builds up fast behind the ice. We have been getting more calls from folks who now have water running down their walls. This of course is not a good situation. Call us if right away to schedule to have you ice dams removed.

  • COLD START TO 2014

    Like everywhere it is extremely cold. As I right this it is -20 and looks like the high for today will be -17. With the wind chill it is -50. Needless to say we are not able to do much at the moment. We have interrupted our window replacement projects as well as our siding installation. It's just too darn cold. Normally we can continue to install vinyl siding even during the winter months but at these temps the vinyl gets too brittle. Ice dam removal is even halted due to the cold. Removing ice dams is even too much for the ice dam steamer when it's this cold. The thing to watch for now is water pipes freezing. If this happens give us a call and we will send a water intrusion specialist to your home.

  • Ice dam season

    Tis the season and as we reach the end of the year all of us at Intelligent Design wish every one happy holidays and a happy new year. This week it has warmed up but it does not look like it will last long. We are still putting on roofs as well as siding installation and windows. We have a large 400 Sq. commercial roofing project just being completed in Mora Mn. Speaking of the season, it's looking like this winter might be a bad year for ice dams. We are getting prepared for ice dam removal. Call us if you think you are going to have a problem with ice dams. We are water intrusion specialists.


    We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving break. Now it is December but we are still able to put new roofs on. Our Crews worked through the Thanksgiving weekend trying to get as much done as possible. As long as it does not snow too much and the temps stay  where they are at we will keep on roofing. Of course we are always able to put on new siding and install new windows. Also consider having us look at your insulation. It is never too late to let us give you an assessment of your attic venting and insulation. We would rather do that than get a call from you to remove ice dams. 


    We have had a busy season and are now entering fall. As is typical for this time of year, the final rush is on to get your roof replaced. If you have an insurance claim and IDC is your roofer, then contact your sales rep right away to get on the schedule.