fire/ ater damage

Remodeling your home thoughtfully

You like your neighborhood and your school district and you like your house but you need some additional space. Maybe you have looked at other homes thinking you need to buy a new house to get what you want. Let Intelligent Design help you with your decision making process. We can help you with design ideas and then give you a cost estimate to remodel your home. This will help you make a thoughtful decision. At Intelligent Design we begin the process of remodeling by helping our customers make these hard decisions right from the start. We have found that once the actual work begins, it will be less stressful because of the up front design work.

Kitchen and bath remodels

Kitchens and bath rooms are the most remodeled areas of your home because they are the most used. They also give you the highest return for your investment and will be a big selling point when you sell your home. Remodeling a kitchen can be challenging because during the remodel it is usually out of commission. At IDC we will go to the point of setting up a temporary kitchen. Sometimes even going to the point of installing water lines with a drain temped in. Usually this is done in the dining room. We have even hung temporary cabinets and set up counters. We have found that this helps us as much as our customers because having an operating kitchen while the remodel is going on takes away a significant amount of stress.

Attics and basement remodels

Have you thought of adding extra space below or above? Consider turning your basement into a finished space for an office, entertainment center, family room or a guest bedroom. How about remodeling the attic and turning it into a master suite? Any one of these can add extra square footage to your home and can be one of the most cost effective investments you make to your home.

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