Storm Damage Services

storm damage

Has your property or home experienced a storm? Call us today!

If you believe that your home has been through a storm there is a good chance it may have sustained damage.

At first glance it may not look like there is damage. It is very difficult to tell, for instance if the shingles have been damaged by hail. Missing shingles from high winds on the other hand are very easy to spot.

At Intelligent Design we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated project coordinators. One of them will be happy to assist you in determining if in fact damage has occurred and what the best course of action would be for your repairs.

The Most Common Type of Storm Damage:

The two most common types of damage storm damage to your home are Wind and Hail. Both can cause significant damage to your ROOF, SIDING and WINDOWS.

If your home has experienced a wind or hail storm within the past two years call us immediately and one of our experienced coordinators will come to your home and do a

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

At Intelligent Design Corporation we have extensive experience working with the nations' leading Insurance Companies. The knowledge that we have gained will help you successfully navigate the ever changing and often confusing insurance claim process.

Your IDC representative is available at any time before during and after the repair process to answer any questions you may have. When completed properly, the Insurance process begins with an inspection by an expert representative from IDC. It ends with the Insurance company and IDC agreeing on the damage and on the costs to repair the damage and then final inspections to confirm that the repairs were made and conform to all city and state building codes.